A Simple Understanding of an Active Directory Trust

Active Directory Trust can be thought of as a special handshake between computer clubs. When two separate clubs of computers need to work together and share resources smoothly, Active Directory Trust provides the solution.

Trust can be defined as having faith in another, whether that means I believe you and you believe me; or in computer terms it means one computer club believes and welcomes another club into their activities – like making new friends by inviting each other’s club meetings – making new connections that form lasting friendships between two computer communities.

This trust allows computers from different clubs to communicate and share information without any issues, creating an effective bridge for working together.

Just as we trust our friends to keep our secrets safe, Active Directory Trust helps computer clubs protect information by making sure only certain individuals from each club can gain access to certain things in another.

Active Directory Trust acts like an informal agreement among computer clubs that enables them to work together, share resources and keep their secrets secure. It’s an integral component of creating friendly computer networks.

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