Malware Infections: Resolve The Problem of Malware Infection

Administrators of Windows Systems are charged with keeping their systems secure, which includes combatting malware effectively. The threat of infection of malware is increasing daily. Therefore, it is CRITICALY IMPORTANT to understand how to diagnose and remediate these infections.

Here is an effective strategy you can follow to find and remove malware:

Isolate Affected Systems. First, disconnect any devices infected with malware from the network in order to halt their spread. This should help contain their impact and stop further contamination from taking place.

Identification of Malware. Antivirus software and anti-malware systems should be used to scan for malware and identify threats as soon as they appear. Make a note of anything suspicious found.

Isolate Infected Files. Most antivirus software provides some level of quarantine and isolation for infected data, to protect both accessing or even execution. It is crucial that any infected files remain dormant until further evaluation.

Back Up Your Data. For optimal protection, create copies or backups of all critical files on the infected computer to protect against possible data loss.

Terminate Malicious Processes. Use task manager to identify and close any malicious processes which are currently running on your computer.

Reboot into Safe Mode. Switch your system back on in Safe Mode in order to thwart malware from starting the operating system and infiltrating.

Remove Malware. For maximum detection of malware on the system, run an entire scan with Safe Mode antivirus software to locate all possible sources.

Updating OS and Software. Make sure that both your OS and software have been upgraded with the most up-to-date security patches.

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